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ChriStar Holdings team brings experience managing portfolios and credit facilities at some of the world’s largest banks and investment companies. The proactive and rigorous oversight of property and portfolio operations allows ChriStar to enhance income and value. We understand that each asset is a unique business and requires the appropriate strategy to manage risks and create consistent results.

ChriStar team are involved in all stages of assets operations including asset repositioning, leasing and property management oversight, marketing strategies, equity sourcing, and budget and forecast oversight.

ChriStar Asset Management services include:

Property Management Oversight – we work with property managers to execute on established management plans

Leasing Strategies – establish creative leasing and marketing strategies to attract the right tenant for each space

Capital Improvement Management – ensure sufficient capital to consistently upgrade property operations and efficiencies

Budget and Forecast Monitoring – monitor asset performance against established business plans

Asset Repositioning – maximize asset performance through improved tenant mix, best use analysis, and tapping new sources of revenue

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